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Curv® – Inforce
For Health and Life Insurers

Curv – Inforce (formerly PopulationRx) provides insurers insight into the risk profile of their individual life and health businesses. Milliman IntelliScript combines the value of prescription histories with the power of predictive modeling to bring insurers instant risk scores. Curv risk scores enable insurers to more effectively and efficiently analyze their business.

Curv turns a population census into a powerful risk score. Insurers use Curv for analyzing inforce blocks of business. It runs a predictive model using de-identified prescription histories for groups of individuals and produces a risk score for each group.

Curv - Inforce for:

Life Insurance
Health Insurance
  • Provides insight into mortality of new product lines before experience becomes credible
  • Facilitates comparisons of expected mortality results by population
    characteristics—distribution channel, lines of business, rate class, etc.
  • Allows insurers to measure the impact of underwriting changes
  • Enables optimization of post level term business
  • Allows monitoring of mortality impact for lapsed policies
  • Permits evaluation of term conversion business
  • Allows for easy comparison of not-takens to placed business
  • Evaluates relative morbidity risk of unknown populations across multiple factors:

  • On versus off exchange
  • Channel
  • Network
  • Region
  • Market
  • Plan
  • Age band
  • Provides valuable insight early in the year when pricing next year’s individual and small group rates

Milliman’s Curv® products are protected by U.S. patents.


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