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Digital risk assessment methods are now core actuarial training

The SOA features IntelliScript experts in a series of educational videos about the disruptions that have fundamentally changed life insurance underwriting.

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It was “lights, camera…actuary!” for two of our thought leaders, as Jenna Fariss and Sue Bartholf were featured in a series of educational videos produced by the Society of Actuaries. “Insights into Modern Underwriting: Trends, Challenges, and Innovations” provides an overview of underwriting’s journey into the modern era. Students will learn how the industry has transitioned from time-consuming, invasive risk assessment methodologies that give limited insight to today’s increasing reliance on interpreted data that instantly identifies conditions and their severity. Jenna is the instructor in the first three engaging lecture-style videos, and Sue teaches as part of a panel in the final two-part session. The curriculum covers:

  • History of Underwriting—a story that begins in a 17th century London coffee shop
  • Digital Insight—underwriting in the era of Big Data
  • Aggregating Risk—how predictive modeling changes traditional notions of pooling risk
  • The Fluidity of Fluid-less Underwriting—two videos capturing a panel discussion at the 2022 SOA Life Meeting explore the profession’s response to new technology and changing consumer expectations

Actuaries in training are now coming to the profession with an inbuilt understanding of innovations that were game-changing disruptions only recently. These five videos (each about 10 minutes long) can give anyone working in the insurance industry a basic understanding of underwriting and how it has evolved.

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Sue Bartholf-MySOA

Sue Bartholf discusses the digital risk assessment technology that has replaced time-consuming. invasive, and less reliable fluid-collection tests.