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How Haven Life Insures in Seconds, Not Weeks

Haven Life delivers next-generation life insurance customer experiences using Milliman IntelliScript

“Milliman does an excellent job translating data into actionable insights, providing valuable context that helps us make confident decisions.”

– Laura McKiernan Boylan, head of underwriting solutions, Haven Life

The challenge: Faster, smarter life insurance decisions

Haven Life, a customer-centric, online life insurance agency that’s backed and wholly owned by Massachusetts Mutual Life Insurance Company (MassMutual), believes in the importance of life insurance. That’s why it focuses on simplifying issuance through underwriting innovation.

Consumers expect simple, intuitive experiences—but life insurance has never been easy to obtain. Using data and analytics, Haven Life hoped to reduce reliance on traditional medical exams, time-intensive sales processes, and lengthy decision workflows. At the same time, it wanted to achieve competitive, sustainable pricing and improve risk management.

Consumer medical information, including prescription and medical claims data, is a valuable resource for meeting these goals. Although widely available, it can be challenging to aggregate and interpret thousands of prescriptions, treatments, and claim codes.

The solution: Data-driven insights

Haven Life chose Milliman IntelliScript to support both automated and traditional underwriting with data-driven insights. Starting with a broad range of data sources, IntelliScript applies advanced analytics and modeling based on Haven Life’s specific criteria. “IntelliScript provides a sophisticated framework for underwriters to dive in as deep as they want to customize risk,” says Laura McKiernan Boylan, head of underwriting solutions at Haven Life.

IntelliScript is a software-as-a-service [SaaS] solution with nothing to install or manage. Milliman incorporates, interprets, and models new medical information such as prescription data with no work required from Haven Life. Through an intuitive, web-based front end, the insurer can deeply customize risk guidelines and more than 1,000 rules and view results from anywhere. An open API connects to insurance software systems, providing scalable, programmatic access.

With IntelliScript, Haven Life can achieve its goal of digitizing the life insurance process end to end, putting them ahead of competitors who still rely exclusively on paper contracts and in-person sales.


  • Enables qualified applicants to skip the medical exam process and get a policy within seconds
  • Helps underwriters understand the bigger picture of health and risk, including in-depth medical history
  • Increases the proportion of applications that can receive automated underwriting, freeing human underwriters to focus on more challenging cases
  • Provides a better decision-making workflow, ensuring manual review when appropriate
  • Supports flexible rate capping based on data
  • Improves risk profile by supporting more accurate mortality predictions
  • Reduces cost by cutting the number of in-person medical exams

About Milliman IntelliScript

By applying state-of-the-art predictive modeling to a broad spectrum of industry-leading data, including prescription, medical, and financial information, Milliman IntelliScript redefines the science of insurance risk assessment. With cloud-based scalability, simplicity, and a rich, highly configurable ruleset, it gives insurers the knowledge, tools, and insight to meet the needs of a changing market.