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A New Look at Tobacco Risk: Revelations from Milliman’s 42M-life Mortality Study and Clinical Data Findings

This webinar was featured live April 4 and 5, 2023. Please register to view the recording.


Medical Data now uncovers evidence of tobacco use in nearly 16% of hits. Are you relying on self-reporting, easily defeated cotinine tests, or speculative tools like voice analysis? Watch the recording and clear the air with reliable data drawn from prescription histories and medical billing codes.

And what about the old 200% mortality rule of thumb for smokers? Or only looking back a year or two? We’ll share insights from Milliman’s latest, 42M-life mortality study that will surprise you. For example, evidence of nicotine dependence from five or six years ago can still indicate a relative mortality of over 200%. We’ll tell you how we know and provide clinical insight into why nicotine’s mortality effect is so tenacious.

Topics covered

  • Current prevalence of smoking in the U.S.
  • The many organs affected by nicotine (it’s not just the cardiopulmonary system)
  • The surprisingly durable mortality associated with nicotine dependence codes—even codes up to seven years old
  • Double-whammy impacts: conditions that are both more common and have higher mortality among smokers
  • Using real-time, real-world data to prove past or present nicotine use in nearly 16% of Medical Data hits

Who should attend

Medical directors, underwriters, actuaries, and other clinical professionals who assess health risk will benefit from an improved understanding of smoking’s surprisingly durable mortality impact

Jenna Fariss, ASA, MAAA

Actuary and Product Director, Medical Data

Hayley Vrchota, PharmD, CTTS

Clinical Consultant

Christian Shepley, FSA, CERA, MAAA

Actuary and Product Director