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Irix® Criminal Data
Instantly magnify auto-decline insights and filter out high-risk applicants.

Carriers who add Criminal Data get a critical layer of protective value not captured anywhere else.

Criminal history is associated with profoundly increased risk. But to underwrite with conviction, you need much more than self-reported applicant information. So don’t wait on manual searches and cumbersome inquiry processes, struggle with messy data, or defer to long held but unscientific mortality assumptions. Instead, integrate Criminal Data right into your existing Irix workflow.

Criminal Data isn’t just faster and easier to use than other public records sources, it’s also the only criminal history ruleset informed by our 42 million-life mortality study. That breadth of actuarially sound data combined with Irix’s industry-leading interpretation deliver actionable insight you can both trust and defend.

What you may be missing without Criminal Data

Did you know that most DUI charges are reduced? Don’t overlook a red flag buried in poorly formatted or duplicative data or wait weeks for records. Add Criminal Data to make sure you aren’t missing:

  • Felonies with significant mortality implications
  • Misdemeanor DUI charges
  • A history of insurance fraud
  • Unique, additional protective value that can’t be gleaned from other data sources

See a more comprehensive picture of risk with Criminal Data

Seamlessly integrate Criminal Data into your Irix user experience. As with Prescription Data or Medical Data, you’ll see intuitive red, yellow, and green risk flags, plus flyout reports with criminal offense details.

Even one offense could double or triple the mortality of an otherwise-insurable applicant. Criminal Data easily and affordably uncovers high-risk individuals who could slip through the cracks without it.


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