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Irix® Risk Score
Find risks and opportunities that aren't visible to the naked eye.

Issue more life policies—and improve mortality outcomes—with state-of-the-art predictive modeling. Add your choice of datasets to stratify risks with more precision and speed.

Risk Score makes it possible to see unseeable risks, both high and low. Our prescription-based predictive model quantifies the relative mortality risk of life insurance applicants from rich, high-quality data. You can combine its core Prescription Data input with Medical Data or Credit Data—or both—to get a single, multivariate score with even greater predictive value. This risk assessment supertool quickly executes within Irix Rules Engine to deliver a highly accurate score for each applicant (whether the risks are obvious or unintuitive), empowering underwriters to confidently see what the human eye can’t.

Risk Score is trained on health data from our latest benchmark mortality study of unprecedented scope and size.

What you may be missing without Risk Score

Complex risk patterns only found with machine learning algorithms

Protection from imperceptible risks that lie in wait

Identification of acceptable risks that would otherwise be declined

Fast decisions for direct-to-consumer distribution

The chance to write more business with accelerated underwriting

Your share of the large and underserved middle market

See more opportunities to issue policies and diversify your customer base


You can strategically use Risk Score by itself or with various combinations of datasets to fearlessly reach your business goals, add distribution channels and product offerings, and improve customer service.

Risk Score

Meet consumer demand for faster service while realizing cost efficiencies that drive up sales and profits. Tune the prescription-based Risk Score model to preferred thresholds to quickly issue policies without compromising mortality.

+ Medical Data

Drastically increase issue rates, slash mortality, or balance both with the addition of our industry-leading Medical Data. Our medical claims data is unmatched in volume, quality, and interpretation, revealing hidden conditions and their severity in real time. The combined data inputs deliver unprecedented depths of risk stratification for clear-cut policy placement. Initial studies are showing significant benefit-to-cost results.

+ Credit Data

Confidently write business from the slivers of risk segments you would normally hold in doubt by combining widely available, FCRA-compliant consumer credit attributes into the model’s single data flow.

+ Medical Data and Credit Data

Take Risk Score’s predictive power to the max with all three datasets. The combination of medical proxy and lifestyle indicators rapidly renders a score with the greatest accuracy and risk stratification insights


RGA has found that adding Credit Data to Risk Score enhances mortality risk prediction and is most powerful for segmenting mortality.

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An independent reinsurer study by RGA proves the heightened value of our latest model, with and without Medical Data.

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Credit Data provides better risk segmentation with more lives and allows carriers to achieve higher straight-through processing with better mortality when it’s added to Risk Score, according to Munich Re’s study.

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Munich Re confirms the addition of Medical Data to Risk Score 3.0 brings both risks and opportunities into sharper focus.

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