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Irix® – Risk Score
The New Benchmark for Optimized Underwriting and Decision-making

Irix – Risk Score accelerates the underwriting process, enabling insurers to make a quicker policy decision. Risk Score delivers a better customer experience and a more cost-effective underwriting process for the insurance company.

Facilitates better risk selection, leading to increased sales and profits

Results in accelerated underwriting for low-risk applicants

Enables more efficient allocation of underwriting resources for average and higher-risk policies

Insurers can tune the Risk Score to increase issued business while improving mortality

Applicants can receive faster decisions for a better customer experience

What is Irix – Risk Score?

Irix – Risk Score is a prescription-based predictive model that simplifies the decision-making process by quantifying the relative mortality risk of life insurance applicants. This fast and accurate tool executes within Irix, delivering an easy-to-interpret risk score for each applicant. The model’s predictive value has been independently confirmed by multiple reinsurers.


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