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Irix® ReCheck
Get a second look at risks and detect applicant misrepresentation with data-driven hindsight.

Insurers who use ReCheck spot more undisclosed high-risk conditions, deny fewer claims, and get a better view of business performance before they become a problem.

Denying a claim is no one’s idea of a good time, and discovering adverse selection after the contestability period is both unpleasant and costly. That’s why life and final-expense insurance carriers find that ReCheck pays for itself many times over.

ReCheck reorders a policyholder’s Prescription Data and Medical Data three to six months into the contestability period. The Irix Rules Engine flags potential misrepresentation and clearly identifies new drugs or treatments that indicate unreported high-risk conditions. You can use this data to precisely target investigations, allowing you to make live policy rescissions before you’re forced to deny a death claim.

What you may be missing without Recheck

ReCheck finds significant new prescription fills or undisclosed medical conditions in up to 25% of cases, then helps you to make the best use of your resources by identifying the 5% to 10% that warrant an investigation.

Without ReCheck, you could miss several risk-mitigating benefits, including:
  • Protection from fraud and adverse selection
  • Significant savings on investigative and legal expenses
  • Identification of policies that merit rate-class changes
  • Flagging of policies that should not be upsold or reinstated
  • Insight into agent performance
  • Ability to monitor accelerated underwriting and simplified-issue business

See more risks in retrospect with ReCheck

Hindsight really is 20/20 when you make smart use of data.

Carriers who use this powerful tool against adverse selection report better public relations and fewer legal issues, more time for thorough investigations, kinder customer service, and the ability to take action on policies that may not claim within the contestable period.

A retrospective study will prove that Irix ReCheck delivers terrific ROI and fewer denied claims.

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