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Prescription Data
Make Instant Underwriting Decisions with Confidence

Insurers use Milliman IntelliScript to gather Prescription Data in real time and then review an easy-to-read online report. This cost-saving approach to obtaining health histories results in fast and effective risk assessment.

How It Works


Applicants provide a HIPAA-compliant authorization to access their prescription records


Insurers submit queries electronically to Milliman IntelliScript in real time


Milliman IntelliScript instantly gathers information from multiple data sources


Irix interprets the data and generates automated decisions based on the insurer's guidelines

Data can be provided in multiple formats: directly online, PDF imaging or integrated electronically into your new business system

Presentation is tailored to insurer's preferences

Details include drug name, dosage, fill date, pharmacy and physician information

Results are displayed in a color-coded graphical timeline

Irix interprets the data and generates automated underwriting decisions

Applicants can receive faster decisions for a better customer experience

Why do insurance companies use Prescription Data?
  • Results delivered online within seconds
  • Easy to read and intuitive navigation
  • Facilitates better and faster underwriting and risk management decisions
  • Quicker underwriting decisions improve the consumer experience
  • Proven expertise and customer support

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