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Irix® Prescription Data
Get real-time risk insight into nearly every applicant.

The product that launched a category is still your most comprehensive source of electronic health data, with value multiplied by state-of-the-art Irix® Rules Engine interpretation.

Prescription Data delivers instant protective value in a form that’s comprehensive, actionable, platform-agnostic, and so cost effective that you’ll want to use it on every application.

We gather prescription histories from dozens of health plans, pharmacy benefit managers, retail pharmacies, and other aggregators, often yielding hit rates over 90%. Results are presented in a customizable user interface and provided in multiple formats, so they easily integrate with your system.

The average hit includes more than 90 fills with prescribers’ names and specialties. All this information can be instantly interpreted by Irix Rules Engine, which automates decisions based on your custom guidelines.

Our data is so up to date that customers regularly see fills from the previous day. And because we’ve cultivated so many data sources, we have a substantial degree of built-in redundancy for data continuity. The net result is that Prescription Data reliably transforms protective value, underwriting efficiency, and the customer experience.


What you may be missing without Prescription Data

Red-flag prescriptions and underlying conditions that applicants have forgotten or concealed keep underwriters up at night. Our sweeping hit rate might help insurers sleep, but just catching those prescriptions is only part of the Prescription Data story. The proven Irix rules engine allows you to quickly interpret:

  • Complex cases
  • Drug interactions
  • Neuropsychiatric conditions
  • Timelines that indicate rapidly deteriorating conditions
  • Multi-use drugs with underwriting implications that vary depending on the prescribing physician’s specialty

See additional opportunities with insurtech’s benchmark Prescription Data product

The truth is simple: Given Prescription Data’s market penetration, your competitors are using it. If you’re not using it across your product mix, you’re exposing yourself to anti-selection. Instead, write the right business based on the most up-to-date information. Or take it a step further and let Irix Risk Score identify applicants whose prescription histories would call for a “decline” under simplistic rules, but who may be quite insurable in specific cases.

The transformative protective value and underwriting efficiency of Prescription Data interpretation help carriers compete with entirely new products or modes of distribution.

When it comes to risk stratification, Prescription Data amounts to basic due diligence across almost any line of business. A study can demonstrate its value in direct-to-consumer, simplified-issue, or fully underwritten business models, whether face amounts are large or small. Contact us to learn more.

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