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Curv® – Group Health
Transform Plan Member Census into a Powerful Risk Score

Curv – Group Health is a predictive modeling tool that quickly assesses a group’s morbidity from its members’ prescription and medical histories. In a matter of minutes, Curv delivers a highly predictive risk score that helps insurers strategically underwrite blocks of business. Use this advantageous insight into each group’s future claims costs to better compete and pursue the right business at the right rates.

With more than 10 years of proven technology and exceptional ROI, Curv is widely used in multiple markets:

  • Level-funded and self-funded
  • Associations and multiple employer welfare arrangements (MEWA)
  • Professional employer organizations (PEO)
  • Fully insured (with partially credible or no claims experience)
  • Captive

Regardless of group size, you can depend on Curv’s predictive power wherever you have a gap in reliable claims information. Curv uses only de-identified data, so a HIPAA authorization is not required

Use Curv – Group Health to grow your business:

Quote new business more accurately and efficiently

Enter new markets

Select better risks

Improve the customer experience

Milliman’s Curv® products are protected by U.S. patents.


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