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Curv® – Group Health
Bringing New Insight to Group Quoting

Curv – Group Health combines the rich data of prescription histories with the power of predictive modeling to make quoting group insurance more accurate. Leveraging the value of medical information, Curv (formerly GRx) enables health insurers to quote new groups quickly and more accurately in order to win the right business at the right rates. By transforming group census data into a powerful risk score, Curv allows health plans to more accurately predict a group’s future claim costs.

Curv uses only de-identified data, so no HIPAA authorization is required

Insurers receive results quickly—typically in less than 30 minutes

Brings the value of medical information to mid-size group underwriting

Shown to deliver significant predictive power

Provides exceptional return on investment

Why do group health insurers use Curv – Group Health?
  • Quote new business more accurately and efficiently
  • Increase the placement rate of groups with better risk profiles while avoiding groups with poor risk profiles
  • Improve group experience

Milliman’s Curv® products are protected by U.S. patents.


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