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Irix® Risk Score
Take a larger share of the Medicare Supplement market with a single morbidity risk metric.

Get a real-time snapshot of individual health risk in seconds.

The predictive model that revolutionized underwriting with a simple numerical score can now be used to instantly assess morbidity in Medicare Supplement applicants.

Upend the status quo and take a larger share of the highly competitive Medicare Supplement market with Risk Score. Using a single risk metric, you’ll find efficiencies and cost-savings that fight back against rate compression and increasing loss ratios. And with Risk Score’s predictive accuracy, you’ll pay less in claims and improve profitability. Initial retrospective studies are showing astounding benefit-to-cost figures.

What you may be missing without Risk Score
  • Better risk selection
  • The ability to issue more underwritten business
  • Optimized policy pricing
  • Decreased decline rates
  • Automated decisioning

See the bigger picture with Risk Score

Risk Score consistently interprets the combination of prescription histories and medical claims data to predict morbidity with rapid-fire speed and proven accuracy. It stratifies risk within a given medical condition, detects unintuitive patterns you might otherwise miss, and brings ease to point-of-sale decisions. You can confidently select the best risks in just moments.

Get ahead of the Medicare Supplement market now.

Learn more about morbidity Risk Score and discuss a proof-of-concept study to see how it can bring unprecedented value to your Medicare Supplement business.

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