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Analytical Expertise to More
Accurately Assess Risk

Curv is an engine that uses predictive models to assign a relative risk score to a group of individuals using de-identified prescription histories and medical data. Insurers use Curv for group underwriting, market segmentation, and inforce analysis.

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Quote Group Health Insurance More Quickly and Accurately

Curv - Group Health (formerly GRx) enables health insurers to quote new groups quickly and more accurately in order to win the right business at the right rates.

Curv® – Group Health

Make Group Life and Disability Insurance Risk Assessment Decisions with Confidence

Curv – Select is a predictive model that uses de-identified prescription histories for a group of individuals to produce product-specific risk scores for the group. Curv is used to underwrite group insurance (group life, LTD, etc.).

Curv® – Select

Zero in on Target Audiences

Curv – Segmentation sorts prospects and members into highly accurate risk categories for targeted outreach. Insurers can use this information to make strategic connections that drive better marketing, risk adjustment, and wellness management results.

Curv® – Segmentation

Milliman’s Curv® products are protected by U.S. patents.

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    Curv® – Group Health