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Accurately Assess Risk

Curv is an engine that uses predictive models to assign a relative risk score to a group of individuals using de-identified prescription histories. Insurers use Curv for group underwriting, market segmentation, inforce analysis and pension risk transfer.

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Quote Group Health Insurance More Quickly and Accurately

Curv - Group Health (formerly GRx) enables health insurers to quote new groups quickly and more accurately in order to win the right business at the right rates.

Curv® – Group Health

Make Group Life and Disability Insurance Risk Assessment Decisions with Confidence

Curv – Select is a predictive model that uses de-identified prescription histories for a group of individuals to produce product-specific risk scores for the group. Curv is used to underwrite group insurance (group life, LTD, etc.).

Curv® – Select

Gain Insight on Your Life and Health Insurance Business

Insurers use Curv - Inforce to analyze their health and life business. Curv runs a predictive model using de-identified prescription histories for groups of individuals and then produces a risk score for each group in order to provide early insight into risk.

Curv® – Inforce

Assess the Longevity of Pension Groups

Curv – Pension Risk Transfer allows insurers to more precisely assess the expected longevity of pension groups, resulting in more accurate pricing.

Curv® – Pension Risk Transfer

Target Better Prospective Customers

Curv – Segmentation is a predictive model that can use de-identified prescription information to stratify prospects into marketing tiers. Insurers use the tiers as a factor to determine specific messaging and frequency for targeted individual insurance product marketing.

Curv® – Segmentation

Milliman’s Curv® products are protected by U.S. patents.

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