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How do I get a copy of my consumer report?

You can request a copy of your consumer report by contacting us via email, phone, or regular mail or by using our online request form. A report exists only if you authorized the release of your records to an insurance company and that insurance company submitted an authorized request to Milliman IntelliScript. Otherwise, Milliman IntelliScript will not have a report for you. In some cases, no electronic medical data is found, so the report would be blank. Click here to request a copy of your report.

Where does Milliman IntelliScript get the requested information?

Once Milliman IntelliScript receives an authorized request from your insurance company, we gather information from pharmacies, health insurance companies, and pharmacy benefit managers. Pharmacy benefit managers work with health insurance companies and pharmacies to administer prescription drug programs and are primarily responsible for processing and paying prescription drug claims.

How is Milliman IntelliScript able to provide my consumer information?

When you applied for insurance, you signed a form authorizing your medical information to be released to your insurance company for the purposes of reviewing your application or evaluating a claim. Milliman IntelliScript does not gather any information without your HIPAA-compliant authorization in place. You can obtain a copy of your authorization from your insurance company. The insurance company you authorized to receive your information is the only recipient of your medical information.

How does Milliman IntelliScript protect my privacy?

IntelliScript gathers your personal health record only after you have signed an authorization. We handle your records securely and in accordance with HIPAA privacy rules. We only gather your information with your permission at the time of your application or in connection with a claim evaluation. We promptly and securely deliver your data to your insurance company. This data is only accessible by your insurance company to process your insurance application or evaluate a claim.

How does Milliman IntelliScript improve the insurance application process?

We may make the insurance application process easier by potentially helping you avoid the hassles traditionally associated with underwriting. You may be able to skip paramedical exams that include blood tests, urine samples, blood pressure assessments, and other screening procedures. By streamlining the process, Milliman IntelliScript expedites your application so you may be able to get the protection you need faster.

How is the use of my electronic data regulated?

Milliman IntelliScript operates in accordance with HIPAA, the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA), and all other applicable laws and regulations. HIPAA protects individuals’ privacy in an era of digital communications. Click here to receive a copy of your rights under the FCRA.

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