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Irix® Medical Data
It’s not just information—it’s interpretation. Instantly.

Carriers who use Medical Data see more hidden conditions like cancer, tobacco use, heart attacks, and hospitalizations. And that means fewer labs, exams, and APS orders.

It takes a special kind of vision to instantly see an accurate, comprehensive picture of an applicant’s health in reams of medical billing codes, and that’s exactly what we give you with Medical Data.

We scour real-time medical claims records, including diagnoses, hospital and physician procedures, inpatient- and clinic-administered medications, and medical equipment information. This data is aggregated from a variety of provider encounters beyond the primary physician—emergency rooms, substance abuse and tobacco treatment facilities, mental health centers, specialty clinics, you name it—including those that don’t have EHR systems or integrate with HIEs. Then we deliver FCRA-actionable interpretation of that data for instant underwriting decisions, shearing weeks and dollars off outmoded workflows.

What you may be missing without Medical Data

Traditional underwriting methods aren’t only costly and time-consuming; they lack both the expansive reach and focused precision of data-driven tools. And all too often, they fail to find critical red flags such as:

  • Substance use disorders and overdoses
  • High-risk psychiatric conditions and suicide ideation
  • Tobacco use
  • Hospitalizations and heart attacks
  • Other serious health conditions
  • Inpatient chemotherapies, expensive biologics, and other drugs not found in prescription histories

See more stubbornly hidden conditions with Medical Data

With unparalleled clinical insight and proven technology, our Irix® Rules Engine underwriting engine deciphers complex Medical Data and Prescription Data to reveal an applicant’s health status in just seconds. Medical Data finds more serious conditions that are all too often overlooked or can’t be found in lab analyses, exam reports, and attending physician statements—or it validates good health that might otherwise be in doubt.

With this newfound vision, carriers who use Medical Data report drastic decreases in APS orders, leaps in underwriting gains, and unprecedented confidence in their policy decisions.

Why wait for EHR to fulfill its promise when Medical Data is here now? A study can demonstrate pragmatic value and profound ROI for your organization.

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Medical Data can help reduce attending physician statements, reveal hidden risks, and give a more comprehensive real-time assessment of an applicant’s health.

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Collaborative study: The protective value of Medical Data

“Hannover Re sees significant protective value in Medical Data and supports its integration across a variety of programs.” Read the reinsurer whitepaper.

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Medical Data has transformed our lower face-amount business. It’s cut our APS orders nearly in half and slashed days off turnaround times. But it isn’t just faster; it’s cleaner and more concise than an APS. And when we do need one, Medical Data directs us to the right practitioner. The efficiencies and ROI are undeniable. We’re very impressed.”

Lee Janecek

Vice President and Chief Underwriter, Woodmen Life

A big part of our business is in the middle market of $250,000 to $500,000. A lot of that has to be simplified issue; you have to be as efficient as possible because there’s just not enough profit to cover fixed costs. At the same time, you have to guard against adverse selection. Without Medical Data, we couldn’t do it.”

Jim Lucas

Senior Vice President and Chief Actuary, AAA Life Insurance



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