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Medical Data
Real-time Insight on Applicant Health

Along with Prescription Data, Medical Information Bureau data, Motor Vehicle Record data, and application information, Medical Data (as authorized by the applicant) provides additional real-time applicant insight to help insurers make consistent and efficient underwriting decisions.

Medical Data includes diagnoses, hospital and physician procedures, inpatient and clinic-administered medications, and medical equipment information from medical billing records; these are standardized codes submitted by health care providers to insurers. Medical Data is integrated within Milliman’s Irix® underwriting engine to generate enhanced automated underwriting decisions.

This short video illustrates how Medical Data can help reduce attending physician statements, reveal hidden risks, and give a more comprehensive real-time assessment of an applicant’s health.

How It Works


Applicants sign a HIPAA-compliant authorization, enabling insurers to retrieve their medical information


Insurers electronically query Milliman IntelliScript in real-time


Milliman instantly gathers information from multiple data sources


Irix interprets the data and generates automated decisions based on the insurer's guidelines

Provides new insights from physician and hospital encounters

Validates medical conditions faster and more cost-effectively than ordering an Attending Physician Statement.

Data is governed by well-defined standards and is fully interpreted by Irix to enable rapid decision-making

Eliminates or reduces the need for resources to acquire and interpret Attending Physician Statements.


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