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Irix® Suite

Identified Data Interpretation for a Panoramic View of Individual Risk

The Irix Suite of data-driven products gives a comprehensive picture of applicant risk for life, disability, long-term care, and Medicare Supplement insurers.

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Instant data interpretation for next-level business results

This fully automated underwriting engine will modernize your workflows, add newfound efficiencies, and ensure consistent decisions.

Irix® Rules Engine

Predictive modeling for mortality and morbidity

Risk Score simplifies underwriting by quantifying the relative mortality risk in life insurance applicants or predicting morbidity in Medicare Supplement applicants.

Irix® Risk Score

Interpreted clinical and lifestyle data for instant decisioning

Irix Data Sets include Prescription Data, Medical Data, Credit Data, and Criminal Data, interpreted by the Irix Rules Engine or input into Irix Risk Score.

Real-time prescription histories for insight into underlying conditions

The product that launched a category is still your most comprehensive source of electronic health information.

Irix® Prescription Data

Medical claims data for vision into provider encounters

See more stubbornly hidden conditions and fewer labs, exams, and APS orders.

Irix Medical Data

Credit attributes for finer risk stratification

This optional data input for mortality Risk Score lets you confidently write more business from slivers of risk segments you would normally hold in doubt.

Irix® Credit Data

Criminal histories for a critical layer of protective value

Instantly magnify auto-decline insights and filter out high-risk applicants.

Irix® Criminal Data

Data-driven hindsight for detecting applicant misrepresentation

Spot more undisclosed high-risk conditions, deny fewer claims, and get a better view of business performance.

Irix® ReCheck

Milliman’s Curv® products are protected by U.S. patents.

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