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Instant Health Data for Clinical Trials Recruitment
Disrupt participant recruitment for clinical trials with fast, accurate pre-screening.

Let’s reengineer this time-intensive and costly process with interpreted Prescription Data and Medical Data—so you can pre-screen clinical trial participants in seconds.

With basic participant information and a HIPAA authorization, we can instantly return years of individually identifiable, structured prescription histories and medical claims for nearly any U.S. individual.

Now there’s no need to sift through error-prone questionnaires and interview notes for trial recruitment. Instead, we can custom-program our fully automated Irix® Rules Engine to spot each trial’s inclusion and exclusion criteria in a wealth of data. The Rules Engine interprets a person’s Prescription Data and Medical Data to pre-screen for eligibility—so you can find the most qualified participants among a sea of candidates in just seconds.

This data-driven solution has already revolutionized life and health insurance underwriting; we’ve helped our customers cut processing times from weeks to minutes and realize better business outcomes. Now we’re looking for early adopters to bring this secure, thoroughly operationalized—and truly game-changing—technology to clinical trials recruitment. Are you ready to instantly identify your most promising participants and disrupt a sluggish process?

  • Individually identifiable health data
  • Rules engine automatically highlights trial eligibility
  • Results within seconds
What you may be missing without identified, interpreted health data

Online pre-screeners can’t capture the whole picture. Telephone screens are time-consuming and costly. And all too often they overlook problems that result in delays, dropouts, or trials that fail altogether. If you continue to rely on outmoded self-reporting, you’ll miss:

  • Inclusion and exclusion criteria that participants have forgotten, misunderstood, or intentionally withheld
  • Errors and omissions in a participant’s use of prescribed, recreational, or illicit drugs
  • Significant savings in time and administrative costs
  • Optimally qualified participants who may increase the likelihood of bringing trials to completion

See better clinical trials results across the board with structured health data

Randomize more participants, realize more revenue, and push more trials to completion with instant, personally identifiable health data. The upshot is better qualified leads resulting in more enrolled participants—faster and more cost-effectively.

Let us show you how structured, interpreted health data can automatically and effectively pre-screen the participants you need today to complete a clinical trial tomorrow.

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