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Prescription Data for Medicare Enrollment
Transform Your Process and Drive Up Sales with Instant Access to Rx Data

Prescription Data is a game changer for Medicare brokers and carriers.
It instantly places an applicant’s prescription and physician information in front of your tele-agents, making enrollment faster and easier for you and your customers. With easy-to-read health data at their fingertips, tele-agents can take control of the process, no longer relying on applicants to gather and read their drug information from prescription bottles. Tele-agents can guide enrollees to the best and most cost-effective plan and shave considerable time off the call, resulting in more closed business.

Milliman IntelliScript’s Prescription Data helps Medicare insurers and brokers:

Reduce average handle times on the phone

Increase sales, close ratios, and commissions

Improve enrollment retention

Deliver a better customer experience


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