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Curv® Group Life & Disability
See risk at a glance and quote in a snap with predictive modeling for group life and disability underwriting.

Curv rapidly serves up a product-specific risk score so you can competitively price plans and improve profitability.

Curv Group Life & Disability uses machine learning to predict a group’s potential LTD or life insurance claims at time of underwriting or renewal, based on its members’ deidentified, real-time prescription histories. In minutes, you can elect to decline or pursue a group, and then price it appropriately. All you need is a simple group census.

What you may be missing without Curv Group Life & Disability

Retrospective studies consistently show that Curv outperforms traditional underwriting in mortality and morbidity risk stratification and benefit-to-cost outcomes. Without Curv – Select, you could miss the data-driven edge you need to win more business and improve profitability:

  • AI-assisted risk selection that eclipses health questionnaires and rate table manuals
  • A single, actionable risk metric for fast, reliably accurate quotes
  • Opportunities to safely underbid competitors on low-risk groups
  • Strategic plan pricing across your entire spectrum of group business
  • Modernized workflows and improved customer service

See more profit and lower risk with Curv Group Life & Disability

Curv’s consistently superior insight helps you win more groups at the right price so you can strategically manage risk—and profit—across your entire book.

Whether you are underwriting group life or long-term disability insurance, Curv’s real-time health insight will improve your risk assessment, underwriting efficiency and workflows, and customer retention. Schedule a demo to see more.

Milliman’s Curv® products are protected by one or more of U.S. Patents: 9,118,641; 9,323,892; 9,665,685; 9,965,651; 10,109,375 and 10,886,012.


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