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The Wondrous Dichotomy: Filtering High-morbidity Applicants AND Issuing More Business with Medical Claims Data

Medicarians 2024

Medicare Supplement insurance may be dominated by open enrollment, but the smaller share of underwritten business can contribute to a disproportionate share of carriers’ profitability. In this video filmed at Medicarians in Las Vegas, our Jenna Fariss, Director and Product Actuary, teams up with Aetna’s Chris Pike and Liberty Bankers’ Eric Johannson to show how Irix® Medical Data can be used to leverage underwritten business. With instant, interpreted digital insight into applicant health, carriers can:

  • Speed time-to-decision, improving the customer—and broker—experience
  • Increase protective value and boost underwriting efficiency
  • Cut the cost of decisions

In just half an hour, this video provides a comprehensive overview of the underwritten portion of the Medicare Supplement landscape. Watch it to learn how top carriers use automatically interpreted Medical Data to issue more policies while taking on less risk.