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New therapeutics and their mortality impacts: What every underwriter needs to know

Tuesday, August 13, 2024


The FDA got busy last year, approving a number of new therapeutics. That means you’ll be seeing a lot of new drugs on applicant profiles.

Join Hayley Vrchota for our annual overview of recently approved drugs of particular interest to underwriters. She’ll highlight some new treatments, such as those approved by the FDA for diabetes, kidney disease, heart failure, and depression. She’ll also help you distinguish the likely higher- from lower-mortality outcomes of these therapeutics based on treatment use and other indicators so you can assess an applicant’s health risk with greater expertise and efficacy.

Topics covered

  • Using Medical Data to gain insight into treatments unlikely to show up in prescription histories
  • New diabetes medications, changes in prescribing trends, and their expanding use
  • Recent approvals of depression medications that provide additional treatment options
  • New treatment to delay Alzheimer disease progression
  • Using new treatments found via Prescription Data and Medical Data to stratify risks for individuals with serious conditions, such as kidney disease and heart failure

Who should attend

Underwriters, medical directors, and other clinical professionals working in the insurance industry will benefit from a review of new drug therapies—and a refresher on continually updated insurtech tools that allow you to make decisions informed by the latest clinical and data science.


Hayley Vrchota PharmD, CTTS

Clinical Consultant

Kyle Schimek, PharmD, BCPS

Manager, Clinical Services