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Mike Bishop’s Big Leap from Insurtech Customer to Insurtech Creator

This leader is no laggard. Don't miss Mike's story and innovation insights on "Get Plugged In."

Every startup or innovator needs early adopters get off the ground. But innovative companies can also benefit by bringing an early adopter on board. After all, one of the best ways to find that elusive “product-market fit” is by hiring the kind of person who knows the market best: a customer. That’s how Mike Bishop joined us, taking the leap from customer to creator.

In the 10 years since, he’s helped take us from startup to insurtech powerhouse. If you’re curious about how we got here and where we—and the industry—are headed, listen in as Mike talks with Blake Hill in this edition of SOA’s “Get Plugged In” podcast. They tackle several topics, including:

    • Creating a company culture that embraces risk and instituting processes that encourage innovation
    • The role of early adopters in new product development
    • How staying focused on delivering value helps us overcome resistance in a traditionally conservative industry

It’s easy to think of disruptive innovation as the result of some spark of genius or iconoclastic obsession. The reality is that consistently innovative companies adopt practices and develop cultures that foster innovation. That story might be less romantic, but it is more repeatable.

If you’re tired of waiting for lightning to strike and are ready to do the work of innovation, this podcast is for you.

Listen to the entire podcast here.