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Irix® – Risk Score
Prescription-based Predictive Modeling for Mortality and Morbidity

Risk Score simplifies underwriting by quantifying the relative mortality risk in life, long-term care, and disability insurance applicants—or predicting morbidity in Medicare Supplement applicants. This fast, accurate tool executes within Irix, delivering an easy-to-interpret numerical score in seconds.

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Fine-tune Risk Selection for Improved Profitability and Better Customer Service

Risk Score lends unprecedented insight into mortality, allowing life insurers to quickly make better decisions about risk.

Risk Score

Heighten Risk Interpretation with the Combined Power of Prescription Data and Credit Information

Risk Score with Credit Data is a single predictive model that delivers a more predictive mortality score than either data set alone.

Risk Score with Credit Data

Take a Larger Share of the Medicare Supplement Market with a Single Morbidity Risk Metric

Morbidity Risk Score stratifies risk within a given medical condition, detects unintuitive patterns you might otherwise miss, and brings ease to point-of-sale decisions.

Risk Score for Medicare Supplement

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