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Irix® Risk Score
Prescription-based Predictive Modeling for Mortality and Morbidity

Risk Score simplifies underwriting by quantifying the relative mortality risk in life insurance applicants—or predicting morbidity in Medicare Supplement applicants. This fast, accurate tool executes within the the Irix Rules Engine, delivering an easy-to-interpret numerical score in seconds.

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Find Risks and Opportunities That Aren’t Visible to the Naked Eye

Issue more life policies—and improve mortality outcomes—with state-of-the-art predictive modeling. Add your choice of datasets to stratify risks with more precision and speed.

Mortality Risk Score

Take a Larger Share of the Medicare Supplement Market with a Single Morbidity Risk Metric

Morbidity Risk Score stratifies risk within a given medical condition, detects unintuitive patterns you might otherwise miss, and brings ease to point-of-sale decisions.

Morbidity Risk Score

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