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Irix® Rules Engine
See next-level business results with instant data interpretation.

This fully automated underwriting engine will modernize your workflows, add newfound efficiencies, and ensure consistent decisions.

If you underwrite individual life, long-term care, disability, or Medicare Supplement insurance policies, you won’t want to miss anything that our Irix Rules Engine has to offer. It instantly gathers and interprets vast amounts of real-time electronic data and delivers a decision on the spot—for faster, easier, more accurate risk assessment.

The Rules Engine ingests your choice of Irix Data Sets, along with application information and optional MIB and motor vehicle records, and delivers condition-specific guidance for point-of-sale decisioning, triage and review, or post-issue ReCheck. Rules are custom-calibrated to your underwriting standards and risk thresholds so you can compete on your terms and get the business results you want.

What you may be missing without the Irix Rules Engine

Data is just noise without meaningful interpretation, but carriers who use the Irix Rules Engine transform it into actionable insight. Don’t miss out on:

  • Instantly categorized conditions and their severity
  • Color-coded risk mapping via user-friendly interface or integration with your underwriting platform
  • Unmatched insight and ongoing support from top-notch clinical consultants, actuaries, developers, customer care professionals, and integrated partners
  • Relentlessly updated, synergized, and enhanced rules
  • ROI that’s been proven over and over again in retrospective studies

See more efficiency and consistency with the Irix Rules Engine

Leave behind outmoded, time-intensive, and customer-intrusive workflows and discover more complete applicant risk assessment in a flash. The industry’s leading identified data interpretation tool helps your underwriters do more with less, align decisions with standards, and meet business objectives.

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