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Credit Data
The Combined Predictive Power of Prescription Histories and Credit Information

Irix® – Risk Score with Credit Data stratifies mortality risk by combining the insights from prescription histories with credit information. Insurers can make faster and more accurate underwriting decisions, and customers may qualify for better insurance policy terms and lower rates.


Provides greater risk selection insight than Rx or credit data alone


Insurers can set risk score thresholds to increase sales and improve mortality


Applicants can receive a faster decision leading to an improved customer experience

What is Risk Score with Credit Data?

Irix – Risk Score is a predictive model that can simplify life insurance decision-making by quantifying life insurance applicants’ relative mortality risk. Credit Data with Prescription Data enables Risk Score to generate a more predictive mortality score than either data set alone. All data flow into a single predictive model and are integrated within Milliman’s Irix underwriting engine to enable more accurate and consistent underwriting decisions.


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