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Curv® Market Segmentation: Effectively Allocate Your Marketing Resources

This webinar was featured live November 15, 2018. Please register to view the recording.


In this 60-minute, complimentary webinar, you’ll learn about Curv – Market Segmentation, a mortality-based predictive model that uses Rx data. It enables insurers to more efficiently use marketing resources to attract profitable business and improve the customer experience.

Topics covered

  • Curv – Market Segmentation overview
  • Market Segmentation’s protective coverage
  • Client benefits
  • How clients are using Market Segmentation

Who should attend

This session is intended for marketing and business development professionals at insurance companies.


Wes Jacobs, MBA

Principal, Business Development, Milliman IntelliScript

Eric Carlson, FSA, MAAA

Principal and Life Actuary, Milliman IntelliScript