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The Latest Therapeutics: Underwriting Recent and Relevant FDA Approvals 

This webinar was featured live November 15, 2023. Please register to view the recording.


The FDA approved 37 new drugs last year, including novel treatments for cancer and a blockbuster drug for type 2 diabetes. If you’re a life or health underwriter, you need to know what these breakthrough drugs imply for risk assessment. In addition, several familiar drugs were approved for use in new settings, so their appearance on a profile might now signal significantly different levels of risk.

In this one-hour webinar, we’ll survey some of the most interesting and relevant new therapeutics and show you how the Irix® Suite of risk assessment tools, drawing on both Prescription Data and Medical Data, can instantly deliver an up-to-date, empirical picture of almost any applicant’s health. Join us, then underwrite with confidence when you see these novel drugs, or drugs with supplemental indications, on a profile.

Topics covered

  • Trends in recent drug approvals including a continued focus on cancer drugs and tips on spotting new drugs in digital health information
  • Identical therapeutics used for weight loss or diabetes with very different relative mortalities
  • Drugs previously used to treat high-mortality conditions which have been granted expanded use and now may be prescribed for less-concerning diseases and vice versa
  • Novel drugs that aren’t particularly worrying—because smart risk assessment means identifying opportunities, too

  • Who should attend

    Medical directors, underwriters, and other clinical professionals working in the insurance industry will benefit from a review of significant new drug therapies—and a refresher on insurtech tools we constantly update with the latest clinical and data science.


    Matt Glasow, PharmD, MBA

    Clinical Conslutant